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What is your recommended Aruba WLAN Training?

Hi guys,


What would be the best training that you can recommend for me to have a full understanding from Aruba APs, to Mobility Controller, to Clearpass? A training that will also provide the basic installation from APs to MC to Clearpass. I live in the Philippines and I'm not even sure if there are trainings locally. But I'm open to having training anywhere in Asia/Pacific ( Singapore, Malaysia, etc. ).



Re: What is your recommended Aruba WLAN Training?

If there are no Aruba Networks training partners in your area I would recommend:


  • Here's the Aruba Certification list. Click on the Cert to see the recommended traiing for each.
  • the Aruba YouTube channel as there's plenty of tips on there. In particular the Airheads Tutorials & Training
  • Speak to your Aruba partner who may be able to provide training for you

Good luck!



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Re: What is your recommended Aruba WLAN Training?

Maybe you can visit this link to search suitable training schedule for you


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