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training question

I was just wondering, what training there is for Airwave, specifically how it relates to Clearpass?
I know Airwave is a great NMS, but I’m not so familiar with Clearpass And I would also love to learn more about how to implement  granular policy control.
I like to try and learn the whole picture , this really helps when troubleshooting complex situations,
I have a lot of coworkers that just want to focus on the wireless portion of their job. I keep telling them that the day is coming when we are going to have to know more than just wireless.  But I keep getting that cold stare.  
 I think that there is going to be a lot of good content delivered this week, during wireless field day 6. I have explained how beneficial this is to my boss and he agrees that this is time well spent.
I am going to soak up all the knowledge I can because, it’s true what they say that “knowledge is power”.  And I will be ready when opportunity comes knocking, can you say corner office?
What can I say I’m a dreamer and a doer, and I’ll be ready for #GenMobile, will you?
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Re: training question

HI Craig,


The best place to start is with the Clearpass Essentials class. This class takes approximately 10-15 hours to complete is taken online. The class comes with an accompanying set of labs that can really help tune up your Clearpass knowledge. There is also an Advanced Clearpass set of labs that can be taken in person - this class is hardcore, no beating around the bush on this one. I would definitely make sure you've at least done an install in a lab before attempting this class.


Lastly, there will be a lot of good sessions at the upcoming Airheads in Vegas. Ask your local Aruba team if theres availability.


Hope this helps!



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Re: training question

Thank you very much for the infomation, it is very helpful. 


i am always trying to learn as much as i can..


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