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Aruba Instant Validated Reference Design

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This guide is intended for administrators who are responsible for deploying and configuring Aruba
Instant devices in customer premises. Readers should have at least a basic understanding of
WLAN concepts. This is a base design guide for Aruba Instant, and it is assumed that readers have
at least a working understanding of fundamental wireless concepts and Aruba technology


Aruba’s controller-based architecture consists of the Aruba Operating System (interchangeably
referred to as ArubaOS™ or AOS), Mobility Masters, Mobility Controllers (MCs), and APs. In the
past few years, advancements in AP hardware technology such as chipsets and memory have
opened up the possibility of realistically deploying and relying on distributed WLAN system
technology. Modern APs allow wireless vendors to distribute the management, control, and data
paths among APs without the need for a physical controller while still retaining most of the same
management functionality. This architecture is suitable not only for small and medium-sized
WLAN deployments but also for distributed enterprises which require feature-rich, enterprisegrade solution that can be managed from a single interface. Aruba’s approach to the controllerless
architecture such customers are seeking is Aruba InstantOS™ and Aruba Instant™ APs (IAPs).

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This is a very nice doc!

Here in Brazil iAP is a strategic solution for Service Providers.


Is there a chance to have this VRD doc updated ?


thank you

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