Aruba Mobility Controllers

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MVP Expert

This guide covers Aruba Mobility Controllers and is considered part of the foundation guides within the VRD core technologies series. This guide will help you understand the capabilities and options you have when deploying an Aruba Mobility Controller.

This guide describes operating modes for the:

  • Mobility controller
  • Licensing
  • Forwarding modes
  • Logical
  • Physical deployment
  • Redundancy
  • How to select the appropriate mobility controller based on scalability requirements.


Version 9 includes information on the 7200 series controller.




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This is a great document and all the VRDs are. My comment is this one document has the 600 series controller which are end of life/sale. I wounder if there is someone working on a newer version that replaces them with 700 series?


I am new to aruba products. Can anyone explain the tunnel formation that is happening in master-local.

1. My AP is forming a PAPI tunnel with the master and then it checks the lms ip which is the local controller's IP.

2. Now my AP will it form PAPI tunnel at first with the local controller or is it GRE and then PAPI

Thank you in advance