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 This VRD covers the deployment of Aruba WLAN in a typical campus network, and it is considered part of the Base Designs within the VRD core technologies series. This guide covers the design recommendations for a campus deployment and it explains the various configurations needed to implement the Aruba secure, highperformance, multimedia grade WLAN solution in large campuses.


Aruba WLAN has a logical four-tier operating model that consists of these four layers:

Management - The management layer consists of AirWave®. AirWave provides a single point of management for the WLAN, including reporting, heat maps, centralized configuration, and troubleshooting.

Network services - The network services layer consists of master mobility controllers and Amigopod. Amigopod provides secure and flexible visitor management services. The master controllers provide a control plane for the Aruba WLAN that spans the physical geography of the wired network. The control plane does not directly deal with user traffic or access points (APs). Instead the control plane provides services such as whitelist coordination, valid AP lists, Control Plane Security (CPSec) certificates, Radio Frequency Protect (RFProtect™) coordination, and Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) or authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) proxy.

Aggregation - The aggregation layer is the interconnect point where the AP, air monitor (AM), and spectrum monitor (SM) traffic aggregates. This layer provides a logical point for enforcement of roles and policies on centralized traffic that enters or exits the enterprise LAN.

Network access - The network access layer is comprised of APs, AMs, and SMs that work together with the aggregation layer controllers to overlay the Aruba WLAN.



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Requirements and Planning

Centralized WLAN Basic Concepts




Policy Enforcement Firewall




VLAN Design and Mobility

VLAN Design

Client Roaming and RF Optimization




Campus WLAN Deployment




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