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RF and Roaming Optimization for Aruba 802.11ac Networks

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RF and Roaming Optimization for Aruba 802.11ac Networks

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This Solution guide covers design recommendations and best practices to achieve best RF performance and seamless roaming on Aruba 802.11ac Networks. This solution guide is best applicable for office and university campus/dorms environments. It mainly covers four areas: 1) AP Placement, 2) RF Consideration, 3) Roaming Optimization, 4) Device Specific Recommendations.


This solution guide is designed for Aruba Mobility controllers running ArubaOS 6.3.x and later. It assumes that reader has a working knowledge of Aruba WLAN architecture and has already deployed it in an enterprise or campus environment. 





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CLI commands to set the recommended ClientMatch settings (Table 9) on the ARM profile 'custom-arm':


rf arm-profile custom-arm
cm-band-g-max-signal 10
cm-steer-timeout 3
cm-lb-client-thresh 30
cm-sticky-snr 18




This might be a n00b problem, but I can't edit the rf arm-profiles. Im running code I go to config t

and type rf then hit space which immediatly changes the command to rft, which is apparently an RF Troubleshooting test. When I ? at the config prompt I don't see anything for rf. All the documentation I've seen says to edit these settings you should be in config mode, then simply type rf arm-profile and the name which will allow you to edit the ARM settings. Ultimately I'm trying to change the default arm-profile setting for Client Match Band Steer G Band Max Signal (-dBm). The default is 45, Im trying to set it to 10 per the document above.


Thank you in advance.