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2930M SNMP configuration

What is the equivilant in Aruba switches for the configuration below from Cisco switch?


snmp-server chassis-id xxxxx

snmp-server enable traps snmp coldstart warmstart

snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status


- I couldnt find any option to set "chassis-id". What is the default value used in Aruba switches


- For SNMP traps, I can see the following in MCG guide


"The default event scenarios for currently generated traps on ArubaOS-Switches are:
• Device cold start notifications
• Device warm start notifications
• Port down notifications
• Port up notifications

• Authentication failure notifications
• Enterprise change notifications
• Intrusion alarm notifications"


but what about fan?


also, I am not able to see any of these traps in the command "show snmp-server traps"


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Re: 2930M SNMP configuration

Chassis-ID is not available at the Aruba switches.

You can use the following:

snmp-server location
snmp-server contact

I'm not sure which traps are send and which one not. Maybe setup a test with this. Other options are SNMP get or syslog

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