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2930f intervlan routing



i have 3 vlans, vlan10, vlan20 and vlan30 in my single ARUBA 2930F switch ang connected to my FW... i need to know if i can make intervlan routing by using this single switch alone? like i plug my laptop in vlan10 and pc in vlan20, will they have routing between each other? is it possible without touching the FW/..thanks

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Re: 2930f intervlan routing

It depends where is your gateway defined.

If your switch is acting as gateway for both subnets, it can route traffic between the,

If switch is configured as a Layer 2 device and firewall is your gateway for clients, routing has to be done on firewall.


2930 is a basic layer 3 switch and is capable to do inter VLAN routing.

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Re: 2930f intervlan routing


with this setup can i have already the intervlan routing on this and get internet from the FW? i already created FW rules for all VLANs..

Re: 2930f intervlan routing

I just responded to this thread:




It looks the same.  Let me know when this is different.


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Re: 2930f intervlan routing



You cannot have both commands "ip routing" and "ip default-gateway x.x.x.x" at the same time configured at the switch.


If you want to make intervlan routing, all three interfaces vlan (10, 20 and 30) must be created at the switch as the default gateway of each network.


Also, maintain only the "ip routing" command with a default static route to your firewall "ip route"

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Re: 2930f intervlan routing

IP default-gateway is only for the switch itself, so let's say management traffic. For all other traffic, you have IP routing. When no dynamic routing protocol configured this will be directly connected routes in combination with static routes. Hope this makes it clear.

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