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40G QSFP to Four 10G Fibre - 5412R with J9992A


Is it possible to use the 40G QSFP port of J9992A (20x 10/100/1000 PoE & 1x QSFP port) to provide four 10GbE connections for a Blade Chassis (no 40G support)?

Is the 40G QSFP port 'seen' as a single port or can the switch be configured as four 10GbE ports?


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Re: 40G QSFP to Four 10G Fibre - 5412R with J9992A

I use this cable K2Q46A but official listed is it only for Comware :-)


HPE Multi Fiber Push On to 4 x Lucent Connector 5m Cable (K2Q46A)


HPE X142 40G QSFP+ MPO SR4 Transceiver (JH231A)


Perhaps a first step in your solution.

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Re: 40G QSFP to Four 10G Fibre - 5412R with J9992A


Have you used this on 5400 series, if so are there 4x 10G switch ports in the software or a single 40G one?

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Re: 40G QSFP to Four 10G Fibre - 5412R with J9992A

I have the strong suspect that - actually - Aruba 5400R zl2 Switch can't split a single QSFP+ 40 Gbps interface into four 10 Gbps sub-interfaces as it happens on some Comware operating system based Switches.


On Comware...splitting is an operation that is related both to logical level and to physical level (configuration at logical level enables QSFP+ ports to be splitted into SFP+ sub-interfaces and this involves that connected Breakout DAC Cables can be recongnized): see what happened on QSFP+ physical interface where the usage of the using CLI Command let the Switch to split the FortyGiga port into four sub-TenGiga ports and that operation enabled the breakout DAC cable to be seen finally, read this post.


Moreover I don't see - on latest Aruba 5400R zl2 QuickSpecs (here) - any reference, as one would expect, to supported breakout cables (from 1xQSFP+ to 4xSFP+)...and, I fear, this lack of reference could be a sort of dead end road if you're planning to use QSFP+ breakout into 4x10Gbps ports.


There was also a discussion on reddit few months ago about Aruba 3810 and QSFP+ breakout into 4 SFP+ (read about it here)...Aruba 3810 isn't like the Aruba 5400R zl2 with the J9992A Module...but I think that was quite indicative.


Plase correct me if I'm wrong....would be interesting to discover that ArubaOS-Switch recongnizes automatically a Breakout cable and enables four TenGiga sub-interfaces on the main FortyGiga interface...without user intervention.

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