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Aruba 2530 High Broadcast Traffic

I have a small network which has to switch a large amount of broadcast traffic.  It is transporting real-time audio data across several point-to-point links.  The audio data is all layer 2 Ethernet that originate from purpose built hardware that runs at 100 Mbps full duplex and utilizes about 98% of the link bandwidth (sending about 255 byte frames at around 48000 frames per second each direction each link, all broadcast).


There are 3 point to point links between pairs of devices. I have this configured to reside in 3 separate VLANs with QOS priority 7 on the VLANS.  My switches consist of 2530-24G (YA.16.01.0008), 2530-8G (YA.16.05.0008) and 2520-8G-PoE (J.15.09.0028).  The networked audio hardware actually has some duplicate MAC addresses as the source address, however they are isolated into separate VLANs so there are never duplicate MAC addresses on the same VLAN (though there are in different VLANs on the same switch). The devices are connected to untagged ports in their respective VLAN.



The purpose of this setup is to enable a switch to be permanently wired to each device and then have the switches be connected to each other in any order.  The switches have tagged links between them carrying multiple VLANs of traffic at 1Gbps full duplex.  All VLANs exist on each swtich and all are tagged on specific ports that are used to interconnect them in a daisy-chain type fashion.  I drew a really crude diagram of what the connectivity looks like.  Since each orange link is basically generating 100Mbps of bradcast traffic in each direction, up to 500Mbps of broadcast traffic could exist on the blue links.


I am having strange problems where it seems like some of the switches are having trouble keeping up with the packet flow. None of the counters ever indicate any drops for either interface statistics or QOS queues, but the audio hardware frequently exhibits pops and lags, and sometimes fails to connect.  This is seemingly random.  These issues go away when the devices are physically hardwired together bypassing the switches.


My belief that 1 or more of the swtiches is having trouble keeping up is reinforced that the 2530-24G never responds to pings as long as the audio broadcast data is passing through it.  All requests for pings time out and it is non-responsive to SSH or Telnet even though its management interface is in a separate VLAN.  Connecting over console the CPU seems to be normal (5%) and since all the counters report no drops or problems, I really don't know where to start looking for evidence that something is wrong.  When I stop all the audio data by turning off devices 1-4, the swich starts responding again.

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Re: Aruba 2530 High Broadcast Traffic

do you have try to upgrade firmware ?


do you have looking copp settings ?

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