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Aruba-2540 connectivity issues

Strange one here. I have 4 Aruba 2540 switches. When I unplug my PC from any port on the switch I can't

get connectivity again until I reboot the switch. I simplified my setup to just 1 switch and was able to replicate this on each switch and on every port. I upgraded firmware and had no luck. On a whim, I enabled spanning tree, even though it makes no sense that this would solve anything on 1 switch with 2 pcs attached but my problem sort of went away.

So if I unplug the PC I have to continue plugging it in and out and eventually, it will start working. Prior to spanning tree, the only way I could get the PC communicating (pinging the switch again or the other PC) was to reboot the switch.



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Re: Aruba-2540 connectivity issues

How do you test you have connectivity?

Do you have a config of the switches? What does the logging says?


Is everything in the same subnet?

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