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Aruba SFP+ to SFP+ with CISCO 3850-12XS

Hello All,


I just want to ensure that Aruba 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 3m Direct Attach Copper Cable is compatible with a Cisco 3850-12XS switch.


Despite my researches on Internet, I did not find anything about this.


Please could you share a link that confirm this point ?

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Re: Aruba SFP+ to SFP+ with CISCO 3850-12XS



I think you will not be able to find a document officially stating (or certifying) compatibility of a Aruba DAC cable when one peer is a Cisco switch: probably - if you're lucky - you will able to find someone which used that approach without issue (or with issue...and reports them).


Aruba (and Cisco too) certifies its switch series's options againt their very switch series so you can be sure that, as example, an Aruba DAC cable is fully supported and certified to work with the Aruba switch series of which it is a supported option.


If you want to be totally sure (when unsure) you should shift to a non-DAC approach preferring the SFP+ Transceivers approach (I mean two SFP+ Transceivers: one supported Aruba SFP+ on the Aruba side and one supported Cisco SFP+ on the Cisco side).

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Re: Aruba SFP+ to SFP+ with CISCO 3850-12XS

Thanks a lot

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