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ArubaOS-CX 10.00.0014 is released!

I wanted to point out a very imporant piece of information from the most current CX release notes.  Release 10.00.0013 is the first release which supports the Aruba 8320 48 port 1G/10GBase-T (JL581A) switch. 

A tennant of software strategy is knowing your primary and secondary versions -- and installing those images on devices.  Please make sure that if you have a mix of CX devices including the 48P 1G/10GBase-T 8320, that you have supported images on the devices.  For this particular switch, your primary and secondary images (as of today) would be 10.00.0014 and 10.00.0013. 


I would expect this guidance to be updated as additional builds are release -- and especialy when ArubaOS-CX 10.1 is released.

If you have customers who implement a software strategy to align the primary and backup images on all devices, make sure to address hardware support as needed.

Release Notes Link: 

CX 10.00.0014 Release Notes


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