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Re: ArubaOS only allows single SSH connection

Console settings eems to be ok, still get "Conection closed" as soon as i try a second ssh conection into the switch


BH-ASE-SunCom-AEdge-3810M-73-249# show console

Console/Serial Link

Active Console : Serial

USB Console Input Enabled [Yes] : Yes
Inbound Telnet Enabled [Yes] : No
Web Agent Enabled [Yes] : Yes

Terminal Type [VT100] : VT100
Screen Refresh Interval (sec) [3] : 3
Displayed Events [All] : All
Baud Rate [speed-sense] : speed-sense
Flow Control [XON/XOFF] : XON/XOFF
Global Session Idle Timeout (sec) [0] : 600
Serial/USB Console Idle Timeout (sec) [not set/900] : 600
Current Session Idle Timeout (sec) : 600
Maximum Concurrent Sessions Allowed [7] : 6
Maximum Concurrent Sessions Allowed Per User [7] : 6

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