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ArubaOS switches Zero-touch-Provisioning with AirWave 8.2


With the release of ArubaOS 16.01 it is now possible to utilize Zero-Touch-provisioning (ZTP) for devices with AirWave 8.2

In-order for ZTP to work specific options and attributes are needed to be configured on the DHCP server.

In essence the process is pretty simple and straight forward.

Once a switch is connected to the network and sends a DHCP request the DHCP server identify the switch model and in the DHCP reply add the AirWave address. The switch receives the DHCP reply accept the DHCP offer and start communicating with AIRWAVE (based on information provided by DHCP server). Once communication with AirWave was established, Airwave will provision the switch according to the template that was predefined for that device type and group.


For the full configuration steps you can go to the configuration guide, available online VIA the link attached below.  




Re: ArubaOS switches Zero-touch-Provisioning with AirWave 8.2

One item to note when implementing this, ensure the folder in airwave matches the folder in the DHCP option 43 vendor specific info.

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Re: ArubaOS switches Zero-touch-Provisioning with AirWave 8.2

Very interesting, but how I can use it in enterprise networks where switches normally connected redundancy to the distribution switches with lacp. Recognize the switch the lacp packet and configure this port automatically with lacp? If not it's only a function for small company's.......

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Re: ArubaOS switches Zero-touch-Provisioning with AirWave 8.2

Hi Yarnin, Is there a document on the steps to take on the Airwave server? The instructions in that PDF are mostly for HPE switch and DHCP starting on page 270.



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