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Create a testing environment

Hi all,


I posted previously and got a really helpful answer in moving my  "router on a stick" to using the HP Aruba Switch for routing. The customer wishes to proceed with this and so I'd like to get everything working in a software lab first.


Hardware: HP Switch 5412zl (J8698A)

Version: K.15.17.0012, ROM K.15.30


The other switches can be generic as they are only going to operate on L2.


Can I download a simulator of this switch for testing? I've installed HCL onto a test environment but can't find where to download specific devices. Any help would be massively appreciated.






Re: Create a testing environment

Hi Phil, The 5412 or similar switches don't have simulator support. HCL is is for all Comware based switches. Hope this helps!!!

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Re: Create a testing environment

Thanks Dobias,


It certainly helps in that I can't pre-test my setup. Any ideas what I might be able to do rather than just implement the changes to a production environment?



Re: Create a testing environment

Do you have contacts with an Aruba SE? They can probably get you some temporary switches.

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