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Dual management cards on 5400


I’m using the top 2 line cards on my 5400 chassis as management cards.

I would like to connect both line cards to my management network ... question is, can I set the same IP address for both these management cards or do they need to be separate? Ideally I would have just one management address but have both line cards connected for redundancy.

Do I just set this address in the OOBM section of the 5400 CLI?

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Re: Dual management cards on 5400

Are you referring to (HPE) Aruba 5400R zl2 with two Management Modules (MMs)? Management Modules aren't exactly "line cards".


If so, the Global OoBM setting you set via CLI are valid for/applied to the current Active MM (so another question would be: have you configured Chassis Redudancy with Warm Standby or Non Stop Switching working mode for those two MMs?): this means that you don't need to set twi OoBM IPv4 addresses since just one - applied to Active MM - is enough.


Read here.

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Re: Dual management cards on 5400



For a 5400R switch with dual management modules, only one module is active at a time, with the second module acting as a standby that will take over in the event of a failure of the active module. 


If you connect both modules to your management network, the link on the standby will automatically be enabled and will assume the configured switch OoBM IP address (configured from the 'oobm' context in the CLI) after a failover event. 

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Re: Dual management cards on 5400

Thank you for clearing that up
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