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How can i configure MAS S2500 to connect from broadband modem?

I want to connect the port of the MAS S2500 0/0/0 to a broadband modem. and configure the remainports for the clients with dhcp.


the problem is i am able to get an ip address from the dhcp pool of my vlan but i'm not getting through the internet. i am able to ping from mas but my computer wont.


here's the script i've been running


interface vlan 2
description VLAN0002
ip address dhcp-client
interface vlan 100
description VLAN0100
ip address
ip nat inside
default-gateway X.X.X.X *depends on what ip on my vlan 2*
ip dhcp pool VLAN0100
default router
lease 0 4 0 0
service dhcp
interface-profile switching-profile accessvlan2
switchport-mode access
access-vlan 2
interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0
switching-profile accessvlan2
interface-profile swithing profile accessvlan100
switchport-mode access
access-vlan 100


Please correct me on my script if there are any... thanks im pretty noobish in configuration.


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