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Re: How do you find directly connected Aruba Devices in S2500 switch?

Looking at the "NU-SLC-Campus" configuration again, I realized I missed something...


This is what you have in the configuration.



interface-profile lldp-profile "lldp-factory-initial"


This effectively disabled lldp. It should look like this:



interface-profile lldp-profile "lldp-factory-initial"
   lldp transmit
   lldp receive
   med enable



I should have caught that earlier, sorry about that. Add those and let me know what you see.

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Re: How do you find directly connected Aruba Devices in S2500 switch?

Yes! That made it work. Now I am seeing the results that I would expect, including the connection between the two switch stacks!


Thanks so much for your help on that. 

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Aruba Devices in S2500 switch with IAP

Hi ,


i want to configure IAP with mutiple ssid with multiple vlan.


Vlan 1 -management VLAN

Vlan 2 - Employee ssid

VLAN 3 -Employee-Mobile SSID


what settup i need to do in switch and  which port i can connect IAP should be in trunport or access port.


please wright the command in for aruba switch .




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Re: Aruba Devices in S2500 switch with IAP

The instant AP needs to be on a trunk port on your switch.  The "untagged" or native VLAN should be 1 and VLANs 2 and 3 should be "tagged" or trunked on your switch.  On an Aruba switch, to create a trunk, you need to create a switching profile and assign it to the interface that your access point will be on:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_73_Web_Help/Default.htm#mas_guides/vlans/Creating_and_Applying_a_3.htm


When you configure your SSID for each WLAN on the Instant AP you need to set the VLAN for Static and the Vlan number that you want your users to be on.  For example, your Employee WLAN needs to have "Client IP assignement" set to "Network Assigned",  client vlan assignment of "Static" and a VLAN Number of 2.


On an

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