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How to Pre-provision stacking using Serial number in MAS

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Stack pre-provisiong supported in AOS version 7.1.3 and later, allows user to configure the role and member-id of the members. The members are configured using the Serial Numbers, which could be located at the back of the switch. The cli command 

“show stacking members” command also display the serial number.


Once configured the two Primary-Capable switches elect one member as a Primary and Secondary among themselves using the Stacking Primary-Election algorithm. If the Primary unit is away, the Secondary takes over as Primary. No secondary member is elected in this scenario. Members configured as Primary-Capable are part of the election process. Line-card members do not take part in the election process and maintain their role.

When Moving from a dynamic stack configuration to preset stack or vice versa, User has to delete the existing configuration under stack-profile  The members go through a reset process. Reboot is not required. 

Two members must be configured as Primary-Capable and rest of the members as line-card.


Adding a Member:

(Aruba) (stack-profile) #member-id 0 serial-number BK0000020 role primary-capable

Recommended Stack Profile Configuration

(Aruba) #show stack-profile

stack-profile "default"

Parameter Value

MAC persistence timeout 15 Minutes Split Detection Enabled


Member-id Serial-number Role

0               BK0000020      Primary-capable
1               BK0000014      Primary-capable
2               BK0000019      Line-card
3               BK0000016      Line-card

(Aruba) #

Stacking serial Numbers (ArubaS2500-48T) (config) #show stacking members

Member status: Active, Stack Id: 001a1e087b004ed7b3c1

Stack uptime: 1 days 21 hours 8 minutes 38 seconds

Id Role MAC Address Priority State Model Serial

-- ---- ----------- -------- ----- ----- -----

0 Secondary 001a.1e08.7bc0 Preset Active ArubaS2500-48T BK0000020

1 * Primary 001a.1e08.7c80 Preset Active ArubaS2500-48T BK0000014

2 Linecard 001a.1e08.7ac0 Preset Active ArubaS2500-48T BK0000019

3 Linecard 001a.1e08.7b00 Preset Active ArubaS2500-48T BK0000016

Deleting a Member:

(Aruba) (stack-profile) #no member-id 0 serial-number BK0000020 role primary-capable



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