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How to configure OOBM IP for individual HPE switches in VSF stack?


In a scenario where you may need to access or manage Switches which are stacked using VSF. We can use OOBM for the same to connect and manage the switches. However, since VSF acts as a single switch logically, we need to configure OOBM IP address separately for each switch.


We can configure OOBM IP address for each member in VSF stack individually from the Commander CLI. Please make a note that the commander Switch will hold the Global OOBM IP address that is configured. Hence, we dont need to configure OOBM IP for member-1 (commander) switch. If we configure member-1 OOBM IP, that particular IP will work as kind of duplicate and the interface will not come up. 

However, for rest of the Switches we can use the below configuration to assign OOBM IP.


Command used to configure OOBM IP in config mode:

# oobm vsf member 2 ip address <IP-address net-mask>


Below is the sample running config:

   ip address
   vsf member 1
      no ip address
   vsf member 2
      ip address


HP-VSF-Switch(config)# show oobm ip
  IPv4 Status    : Enabled
  IPv4 Default Gateway :
            |                                     Address  Interface
 VSF-member | IP Config IP Address/Prefix Length  Status   Status
 ---------- + --------- ------------------------- -------- ---------
 Global     | manual               Active   Up
 1          | manual            -                  Active   Down
 2          | manual               Active   Up

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