How to configure default route to VPN

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Starting from image 7.4.x.x, we can point the trafffic towards a VPN tunnel. A branch office Mobility Access Switch has VPN tunnel which terminates on a Firewall. Any client non-corporate traffic from Mobility Access Switch is forwarded to the firewall through the VPN tunnel. This requires a default gateway route on Mobility Access Switch pointing to a VPN tunnel.


Environment : Remote Networking


 A branch office Mobility Access Switch has VPN tunnel  towards the corporate network.


Configuring Default Route to VPN:

You can use the following command to configure the default route to a VPN tunnel:

(host) (config) #crypto-local ipsec-map <map-name> <map-number>
(host) (config-ipsec-map) #dst-net
Sample Configuration:

(host) (config) #crypto-local ipsec-map map-firewall 10
(host) (config-ipsec-map) # peer-ip
(host) (config-ipsec-map) # local-fqdn
(host) (config-ipsec-map) # interface vlan 2
(host) (config-ipsec-map) # src-net
(host) (config-ipsec-map) # dst-net
Verifying Default Route Configuration:

Use the following command to verify the default route to VPN configuration:
(host) #show ip route
Codes: C - connected
O - OSPF, O(IA) - OSPF inter area
O(E1) - OSPF external type 1, O(E2) - OSPF external type 2
O(N1) - OSPF NSSA type 1, O(N2) - OSPF NSSA type 2
M - mgmt, S - static, * - candidate default
C /0 [1] is an ipsec map: map-firewall
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I'm trying to configure this same setup with an OmniAccess 4302, but since it's EOS'd, it doesn't look like this "feature" exists. Any alternatives to make this work?

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