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How to disable all LCD menu functions and individual LCD menu functions in 7xxx series controller

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to all the 7xxx series controller.


Disabling LCD Menu Functions
For security purpose, you can disable all LCD menu functions by disabling the entire menu functionality using the following command:
(host) (config) #lcd-menu
(host) (lcd-menu) #disable menu
rtaImage (3).jpg
To prevent inadvertent menu changes, you can disable LCD individual menu function using the following commands:
(host) (lcd-menu) #disable menu maintenance ?
factory-default Disable factory default menu
media-eject Disable media eject menu on LCD
system-halt Disable system halt menu on LCD
system-reboot Disable system reboot menu on LCD
upgrade-image Disable image upgrade menu on LCD
upload-config Disable config upload menu on LCD
rtaImage (4).jpg
To display the current LCD functionality from the command line, use the following command:
(host) (config) #show lcd-menu
Parameter Value
--------- -----
menu maintenance upgrade-image partition0  enabled
menu maintenance upgrade-image partition1  enabled
menu maintenance upgrade-image                 enabled
menu maintenance upload-config                   enabled
menu maintenance factory-default                  enabled
menu maintenance media-eject                      enabled
menu maintenance reload-system                  enabled
menu maintenance halt-system                     enabled
menu maintenance                                       enabled
menu                                                         enabled
rtaImage (5).jpg
rtaImage (6).jpg
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