Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

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Re: Inter-connecting 4 x 8320

ok, understood.  to start, can you let me know where there is further information about DCI VSX-LAG documentation, earlier in this thread there was a PPTX shared that it was suggested would be included in 10.2 docs, i checked the 10.4 docs and did not see it.   I have not been able to find any vrd or arubapedia documentation that explains best practice or reference material about this type of solution.  I would like to explore reference models, best practices about routing in this type of DCI.


thank you kindly

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Re: Inter-connecting 4 x 8320

I thought I would mention that this threads implementation is considered a DCI solution by the DCI courseware.

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Re: Inter-connecting 4 x 8320


VSX best practice (read appendix F) is available on asp and hpe:


It is also on AFP if you're a partner.


Regarding routing, the topic could be included, but would require to cover multiple aspects leading to a long paper:

- routing protocols (ospf, bgp)

- active/passive DC pair or active/active DC pair for egress traffic: easy part

- active/passive or active/active for return traffic (ingress traffic): the complex part due to traffic hair-pinning between DC. How to manage this would be obviously outside of the scope of VSX best practice.

Nevertheless here are some options:

- use global traffic load-balancer

- /32 advertizement based on VM location (DC1 or DC2) : we have an Aruba solution for this (NAE).


I suggest to contact your local Aruba contqct, as this topic requires more than few messages in a forum thread, to analyze your requirements.