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Invalid input: allow-unsupported-transceiver error on 2930F Switch

I can't figure out why I'm getting the Invalid Input: error. I'm new to Aruba administration, so I might be missing something basic. I've been following the steps in the ArubaOS-Switch Unsupported Transceiver Guide V2 and every command except allow-unsupported-transceiver has been working as expected.


I've got a number of 2930F switches, running software revision WC.16.03.0005, so unless this feature has been deprecated I believe our configuration is compatible.


I've tried it while signed in as manager, both via ssh and directly through the console port, and I'm getting the same Invalid Input: result in the CLI.

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Re: Invalid input: allow-unsupported-transceiver error on 2930F Switch

Did you type or tab the command? try typing letter by letter the entire command without just typing its first two or three letters and then pressing tab looking for auto-completion.
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Re: Invalid input: allow-unsupported-transceiver error on 2930F Switch



Just to be certain — are you running the command from the global configuration context, and not from the enable context? For example:


switch(config)# allow-unsupported-transceiver 
Warning: The use of third-party transceivers is at your own risk and may void support and warranty. Please see HPE Warranty terms and conditions.
Do you agree, and do you wish to continue enabling? (Y/N) 

The command will not work from the operator, enable, or any individual feature, interface, or VLAN context (even if you are in configuration mode):


switch(eth-1/10)# allow-unsupported-transceiver
Invalid input: allow-unsupported-transceiver

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