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Re: LACP/Trunk between Aruba 2930F and Avaya 4850Gts

@rishabhm wrote: Also to note, Aruba 3810 has management vlan 100 while on 2930f as well have configured 100 as mgmt port.

OK, so VLAN 100 will need to be admitted on the uplinks too (thus uplink ports will be configured to be tagged members of that VLAN too)...clearly if your desire is to have it distributed on every switch (I think you will).


@rishabhm wrote: Just to know: I have configured dhcp snooping on all vlans and added trusted port, though I have disabled option 82 on snooping is that a best practices to do so? Do you have any suggestion on that

To avoid adding an off-topic discussion on this specific thread I suggest you to open a new DHCP Snooping dedicated thread (in the meantime, have you already tried to look for other DHCP Snooping threads on the Community? What's about documentation?).

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