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Looking for Aruba books or learning information

New to the Aruba 2930m switches and looking for information, books, etc.. on basics and up to advanced network switch administration and learning. Thank you!

Re: Looking for Aruba books or learning information

i really like the hpe press books. With adobe digital you can read the e-book on your laptop, and search for certain keywoards.


it's good for study and real-world issues/questions.


here is a bundle for both associate and professional:


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Re: Looking for Aruba books or learning information

Mi Matt,


Maybe the User Guides for the last firmware version of this model could help you.




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Re: Looking for Aruba books or learning information

I was trying to find a site where I could see some of what was in the hpe books. We had 3com switches before and I was able to find some pretty good material on adding/removing ports from vlans, gui info. Not finding anything like that for the aruba switches. I did find a document that showed how to do something in cisco and how to do the samething with Aruba. The HPE books may be what I need, but wanted to kind of see what was in them first.