Loopback interfaces on Aruba Mobility Switches.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

How many loopback interfaces can we configure on a Aruba mobility Switch?

Can we assign IP address from an existing subnet to the loopback interface?

How many IP addresses can we assign to a loopback interface?



Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Mobility Switches and code versions.


1. We can configure a maximum of 64 loopback interfaces on the Mobility Switch:

2. We cannot configure IP address from an already existing subnet to the loopback interface:

(ArubaS2500-24P) (config) #interface vlan 1
(ArubaS2500-24P) (vlan "1") #ip address
(ArubaS2500-24P) (vlan "1") #exit
(ArubaS2500-24P) (config) #interface loopback 0
(ArubaS2500-24P) (loopback "0") #ip address
Error: Secondary can't be same as primary

3. We can configure any number of IP addresses on a loopback interface.

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