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MRTG reporting incorrect port speed [S2500 48T]

I recently purchased a S2500 to upgrade my main workstation and server (and backup machine) network to 10G. The S2500 switch replaced a Procurve 2810-48G. On my main server, I have MRTG running to report port usage and to get an overall view of network traffic.


I had to consult some documentation and various bits of googling to enable SNMP on the switch, and got MRTG seeing the switch. I have 3 SFP+ ports with optics (Cisco SFP-10G-SR - unsupported, but "works"), and MRTG reports these port speed as "536.9 MBytes/s" (~ 4.3 gb) while the S2500 reports the speed as 10gb which id expect to be reported as (1,250 MBytes/s). Would this be a problem with MRTG or a setting somewhere in SNMP?


I know this swtich is EOL, and no support is offered for 3rd party owners, and unsupported SFPs are also unsupported. However, has anyone encountered or can shed some insight on what might be going on? I'm also not an industry professional, and I'm still learning the ins and outs of this swtich.


Possibly relevant:

• S2500-48T-4x10G (ArubaOS (MODEL: ArubaS2500-48T), Version (49827) <- what MRTG reports)

• Server with MRTG running is Windows 7 Ultimate (supermicro based server)
• ActiveState Perl 5.18.1

MRTG 2.17.0

• cfgmaker command: cfgmaker public@ --global "WorkDir: D:\localhost\mrtg" --output mrtg.cfg


Thanks :)

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