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More Infos about cable diagnostics



i´m looking for more information about the cable diagnostics feature.

1) Is there an overview for the different "Cable Status" states?

2) What does "Open" mean?




On port A4, there is an AP-345 connected, which only gets 100M.


Thank you!

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Re: More Infos about cable diagnostics

Hi Daniel,


open: no end to end connection. Wire broken/plug or socket badly crimped. "Unterbrechung" in german.


short: shortcut or "Kurzschluss" in german.


May be, there is another status keyword for overlength. Don't know.


Since on pair of wires is unusable, port falls back to 100 Mbit/s. 1 Gbit/s woul require all wires to be ok.


From the lenght values:

Cable is 71 m long, measured from socket -outlet of switch to socket-outlet of AP.


Error on wire pair 3-6 is in a distance of 63 m away from socket-outlet of switch.

Since length measurement has an accuracy of +/- 5 m (according to manual), I'd expect the error at wall-outlet near AP.

Maybe you can use a different cable? Otherwise I recommend cable measurement with cat6/7 analyzer to further locate/isolate the error.


Regards, Jö

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