Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)


PBR and OSPF for an Aruba 5400R

Hi pals,

I have a 5400R Core Switch and 50 VLANs in the main office LAN of a customer. The customer has 5 more remote offices. All of them are connected by an MPLS Network. I need to user PBR in order to select the path that traffic must follow based on the source network and the destination network, but I also need to use a dynamic routing protocol like OSPF in order to mantain all the routes known for all remote networks of the MPLS network of the customer. Is it possible to use OSFP and PBR simultaneously, so that PBR takes precedence over OSPF to select the outbound path of traffic and keeping all the remote IP segments known among all remote offices by using OSPF updates?

What about the resource usage, the customer has almost 50 different VLANs and I think that I must create a PBR policy for each VLAN interface and apply this policy to the corresponding VLAN interface in the inbound direction. Would a 5400R have enough resources to manage this number of PBR policies?



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