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Problem Upgrading ArubaOS on MAS 3500 switch

I have 13 Aruba 3500 switches all the same model and I am trying to upgrade the OS on them. I was able to successfully upgrade 3 of them and then it would not work and it just hangs at "Upgrading the Image" this happens right after the FTP transfer is completed. All the switches are brand new and out of the box. I get a base config on them so I can access via web browser and then I try the OS upgrade from the GUI. Then on the ones that hang I try to do the upgrade again and it says it will not over write the file. The OS I am upgrading to is ArubaOS_MAS_7.1.3.0_33279


What can I do to get this to work?

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Re: Problem Upgrading ArubaOS on MAS 3500 switch

I've been trying to find out how to contact you. Can you please drop me your contact infornation ? I think we better look into the devices..  johnc@arubanetworks.com 

Thanks !!


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Re: Problem Upgrading ArubaOS on MAS 3500 switch

Thanks for the responce and sorry for my slow reponce. We are just finishing up the wireless rollout and I have been swamped. I was actually able to get this completed. I could not get it to work via the web interface but I could get it to work via telenet and using the CLI.




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