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Route Management with IP-SLA

Hi guys,

I need help to configure with IP-SLA help that a default route is propagated as long as the condition of the IP-SLA is fulfilled. Please someone tell me if this is possible in aruba computers, the model I am configuring is JL071A with version KB.16.02.0013. For more detail, I need to propagate the default route as long as the core switch has an internet connection.


I hope you can help me.

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Re: Route Management with IP-SLA



The IP-SLA purpose at Aruba switches is for helps administrators collect information about network performance in real time.


The IP SLA feature provides:

• Application-aware monitoring that simulates actual protocol packets.

• Predictable measures that aid in ease of deployment and help with assessment of existing network performance.

• Accurate measures of delay and packet loss for time-sensitive applications.

• End-to-end measurements to represent actual user experience.


There is some IP-SLA where you can take action if some threshold is crossed an they are:


• trap: Send snmp-trap when configured threshold is hit.

• log: Only log the event when configured threshold is hit.

• trap-log: Send snmp-trap and log the event when configured threshold is hit.

• none: Take no action.




According to what are you asking for is currently not possible by the switch alone. We encourage to use dynamic routing by OSPF.


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