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S3500 Mobility Switch Enable Layer 3 Routing



I am upgrading a school's network infrastructure, which is currently flat. I have the VLANs created, as well as the switching profiles and the DHCP-Relay profile. Unfortunately I am having trouble enabling the layer 3 inter-VLAN routing.


I am using a couple test VMs with static IPs to test the environment before making the cutover. Yes, the gateway IP of the test VMs is the IP address of VLAN1 of the core switch. I have read through the CLI guide and the user guide, and have been unable to find the instructions to enable layer 3 (these guides are large so I could've simply missed it).


The current ArubaOS is Any guidance would be most appreciated!

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Re: S3500 Mobility Switch Enable Layer 3 Routing

As far as I know, the S3500 has routing enabled by default (and I'm unsure if you can switch routing off).


What may help is this post with useful commands for the (legacy) Aruba Mobility Access Switch.


One thing on Aruba in general is that you need to have one or more active ports (or clients for wireless controllers) in a VLAN, in order for the VLAN interface to become active. So you can't ping vlan interfaces if there is no active port in the VLAN.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: S3500 Mobility Switch Enable Layer 3 Routing

Herman, thank you very much for your reply!

This is very interesting, compared to my experience with HP Procurve, Dell PowerEdge, and Ubiquiti Edgeswitch (they all have to be a bit different). So I will have to set active ports on this switch to access on those VLANs in order to obtain the layer 3 routing? Or would having them in a trunk VLAN profile be enough, as long as it's assigned to active ports?

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Re: S3500 Mobility Switch Enable Layer 3 Routing



Thank you again. I created and applied a trunk switching profile to the port used by one of my ESXi hosts. That activated the VLANS and enabled the layer 3 routing.

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