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Stacking Priority

Hi there,


I have configtered stacking for 3 HPE ARUBA 3810M switches, I manually configured the commmandor with 255 Priority , the second switch is the standby (128 Priority ) and the third one is member(128Priority ). The problem now if I reload the switches, the commandor will be diffrent switch with 128 Priority, and the original commandor will be a member with 255 Priority !!!


Is there away that the commandor switch keeps its status even when I reload the switches?



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Re: Stacking Priority

what is status of # show stacking 


and can you confirm is stacking module is installed ? did you try determistic option on commander ?



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Re: Stacking Priority

STACK# sh stacking

Stack ID : 00020897-xxxxxxx

MAC Address : 089734-xxxxx
Stack Topology : Ring
Stack Status : Active
Split Policy : One-Fragment-Up
Uptime : 3d 1h 45m
Software Version : KB.16.05.0007

ID Mac Address Model Pri Status
--- ----------------- ------------------------------------- --- ---------------
*1 089734-xxxxxx Aruba JL072A 3810M-48G-1-slot Switch 255 Commander
2 089734-xxxxxx Aruba JL072A 3810M-48G-1-slot Switch 128 Standby
3 089734-xxxxxx Aruba JL072A 3810M-48G-1-slot Switch 128 Member


and Yes, I can confirm that stacking module is installed and I use prioirty command with 255 on the commandor.


The problem is when I reload the switches the stacking members order and the status are mixed up!



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Re: Stacking Priority



Are you trying to reboot the entire stack, or only the current commander?  The reload command, when issued in a switch stack, triggers a failover of the commander role to the current standby, and only the former commander reboots. Per the intended stacking system behavior, the commander will not take the role back when it finishes booting — this is to prevent excessive unnecessary failover cycles in a stack if the commander unexpectedly reboots, as every time a failover occurs, the ex-commander (and all of its ports) becomes unavailable until it finishes rebooting.


If you're trying to reboot the entire stack at once (which should result in your preferred commander retaining the role when the stack finishes booting), you should use the boot system command instead.

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