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Switch not responding to ICMP

Hi Team,


Good Day. 

We are using 2530 switch and for some reason, these switches are not responding to ICMP. Below is what has been performed:


1. Switch has been replaced

2. No ACLs in place. 

3. Directly connected device can ping the switch. 

4. Traceroute to the switch is working without any issues. 

5. Traceroute/ping from the switch works without any issues as well. 

6. For some reason only the NBN sites are having issues. We have confirmed that the provider does not have any ACL or controls. 





MPLS --> CE --> Aruba Switch


Any idea on what else i should look into. 



Re: Switch not responding to ICMP

It's hard to predict but from the message I'm not sure if switch before was working? If not what is the ICMP message you get back? Could it be an ICMP with TTL set too low? Since you mentioned that direct ping is working. 


Just some thoughts . . .

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Re: Switch not responding to ICMP


what about the default gateway?

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