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Switch ports connected to Polycom phones change operational state

I've just seen an instance where a Polycom Soundpoint 335 deskphone spontaeously re-booted. I have seen this a time or two previously, also. Checking the network logging on the switch, I can see that the port the phone is connected on changed its operational state from up to down, then returned to up in about five seconds - long enough to break PoE power to the phone and cause it to re-boot when power was restored.


Any idea what could cause the port's operational state to go from up to down for now discernible reason? Looks like there are other instances of the same thing in the network log, but I haven't checked to see if those have phones connected on them or not.

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Re: Switch ports connected to Polycom phones change operational state

We saw the same on our HPE switches last year when we tested hybid ports, ie. tagging the voice vlan and untagging the data vlan on the same switch port (because we had computers connected to the secondary LAN port on our IP phones). The port would go down and up every 15 minutes or so.


We have upgraded all switches to ArubaOS 16.04.0008, and it looks like it's working for us now. Don't know if this matches your problem. We use mostly 2530 and 2920 switches.

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Re: Switch ports connected to Polycom phones change operational state

Thanks for the input. I should have mentioned, our switches are primarily S2500 MASs. For the most part, we have no issue with a port being configured for both voice and data - we simply have a switching profile on the port that identifies its vlan membership and also a voip profile that identifies the voice vlan. 99.9% of the the time, there's no issue, and voice traffic quality is fine, but I've often seen these log entries with port status changing as described and puzzled about why that's happening and why it doesn't seem to have any noticeable impact to users. But then there's that occasional spontaneous re-boot of the phone that I can't understand.....

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