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VIA Configuration

Hello All,

I have trhee controllers two 7205 in a master local setup and a 7005 VIA controller, needing to setup the VIA which option can I utilize to get the most out of this setup.

Option 1, Can the VIA configuration be contained on a 7205 controller?  Meaning once I configure my VIA controller, how do I add the information to my master controller.  Or is that possible!  

Option 2, Can I configure my via connection in the Master controller and allow connectivity to it, without using my 7005 controller?  which option will work?  

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Re: VIA Configuration

The VIA license is a per-controller license where you will be required to install it on the master controller to be able to configure it (the master controller configures the VIA options).  If your VIA client will terminate on a local, that would require the per-box license, as well.  That is why most people dedicate a single controller to VIA, separate to the ones that they use for WLAN or just a single box for both.


I hope this answers both of your questions.

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