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VLAN-MAD in 2930F



I can't find a detail to set up a VLAN MAD on 2930F to avoid 2930F split when running VSF. I'd consider to use VLAN MAD, because it's not depends on 3rd party device like LLDP-MAD.  The management guide just provides a few descriptions and one line, "vsf vlan-mad <vid>" command.  In the 2930F, we can have 2 ways: one is LLDP-MAD, the other is VLAN-MAD. Any useful info would you please share us?

Re: VLAN-MAD in 2930F

Hi Alex,


Let's see if I can help you 8-)


First of all you're correct on the two MAD technologies. So VLAN MAD will be more applicable in different use models. In your post I couldn't see if you had two or four switches in the stack. There is a different in the set-up since you can have only configure 1 port in the MAD VLAN per stack member switch. So if you have 2 stack members you can directly interconect the switch ports. If you have more than 2 stack members you'll need an external switch to provide connectivity for all stack members but this can also be used for management traffic when you want to. There are some limits on the specific MAD VLAN but these are well described in the manual. Let's dive in some configuration. In commands below I only focus on the MAD part and not complete VSF config. 


# Configure MAD VLAN

vlan 123 name MAD-VLAN


#Add untag (only untag supported) port

VLAN 123 untag 1/1 (or ,2/1 etc for multiple members in one config)


# Add VLAN to VSF configuration

vsf vlan-mad 123


That's it if you want to view the config:


show vsf vlan-mad


Hoep this will help you. If you have any questions / remarks let me know!



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