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VLAN Routing - Aruba 2930F

Hi Guys,

I need some assistance, very new to the networking.

I have x2 Vlans setup on my Aruda Switch.
VLAN 152 (VLAN interface IP:
VLAN 154 (VLAN interface IP:

The VPNs are tagged on one port and connected to a WatchGuard firewall.

WatchGuard Firewall:
One VLAN Interface:
VLAN 152 (VLAN interface IP:
VLAN 154 (VLAN interface IP:

There seems to be some routing issues as I’m getting major latency between VLAN152 and VLAN154.

Attached is the firewall config file (please ignore the other range ( as I’m only utilising ports 46, 47, 48)
PORT 46 – untagged VLAN152
PORT 47 – untagged VLAN154
PORT 48 – Tagged on both VLANs
PORT 48 – plugged into firewall

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Re: VLAN Routing - Aruba 2930F



The switch itself does not appear to be performing any routing (the 'ip routing' command is not present in the posted configuration), so it is likely that any latency being observed is being introduced by a device upstream of the switch. 


Are you also observing latency between the switch and either of the upstream firewall IP addresses ( or or the switch default gateway

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