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VSF on 5406/5412 with OS 16.08

Hi all,


in the early times of VSF it was not possible to mix different switch models in a VSF domain.


When I check the configuration guide for OS 16.08 (VSF Restrictions) the point "only same switch model" is not there any more.


Does that mean that I can now configure a 5406R and a 5412R into one VSF domain or is that still not possible?

Is there a document that describes the supported switch combinations for a VSF?



Re: VSF on 5406/5412 with OS 16.08

It is still the same in the case of the 5400R Switch Series, you cannot mix modes, you can either use 2 x 5406R or 2 x 5412R, up to 2 members in a VSF stack.


This is not the case with the 2930F Switch Series, you CAN mix and match those up to 8 members in a VSF stack.


We will work with the doc team to ensure that's properly reflected in the documentation.



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Re: VSF on 5406/5412 with OS 16.08

Hi Justin,


thanks for your explanation.


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