What is Auto-LACP feature with MAS 7.4 ?


What is Auto-LACP feature with MAS 7.4 ?


Auto Link Aggregation control Protocol dynamically forms a port channel when both ports of a dual port AP are connected to the same Mobility Access Switch/Stack.
LACP is supported by AP 224,225, 274 and 275.There are other dual port APs like AP  124,125,134,135. However, they do not support LACP.
Once the port channel is formed, it derives its configuration from the auto device configuration.
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used to detect devices.Aruba AP/IAP sends Aruba’s proprietary LLDP TLV 

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I got to playing around with this today.  As far as I can tell, there is one feature that is a dealbreaker for use in my network: the poe-profile and the shutdown state are both controlled entirely by the device-profile.  So, there's no way to remotely hard-cycle an individual AP, only all of them, unless someone can think of an underhanded way to do so.  I even tried disabling lldp on the member interfaces, but if the port-channel is up to begin with, it just seems to keep chatting lldp and keeping the port-channel up.


In addition the whole assembly can come up sideways when mixed with AAA and port-security.  Under certain circumstances, dhcp-snooping will wind up with the MAC assigned to a member interface rather than the bond and DAI will shoot down packets -- there seems to be no auto-migration of the dhcp-snooping binding over to the port channel interface in some corner cases.


So... caveat emptor, this is a new feature and may not meet your needs yet.


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