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broadcast storm

can anyone give me a template for limiting the broadcast storm. Thanks in advance 

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Re: broadcast storm



There are two different methods that can be used to limit broadcast traffic on an Aruba switch.


The first is to directly set a broadcast limit on one or more interfaces, using the following command as an example:


switch(config)# interface 1-24 broadcast-limit 10

This command sets a broadcast limit of 10% of link speed on ports 1 through 24. This broadcast limit can be configured to a value between 0 and 99 percent of the current link speed for each port. 


The second method is to use Control Plane Policing (CoPP), which can be configured at a global level to drop packets of a specific type or protocol when they exceed a specified rate. Use this command as an example:


switch(config)# copp traffic-class broadcast limit 128

This command enables CoPP for broadcast traffic, and sets a limit of 128 packets per second. Any broadcast traffic in excess of this configured rate limit will be dropped. For broadcast traffic, CoPP can be configured with a rate limit between 8 and 512 packets per second. 


CoPP is supported on the 2930F, 2930M, 3810M, and 5400R series switches.

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Re: broadcast storm

Great, thanks for the detailed explanation.. 

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