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maximum number of dynamic ACLs on a switch

working with portbased access with dynamic / downloable ACLs on a 2530 type switch, it seems it doesn't like the ammount of dynamic / downloadable ACLs we put on it per port. we get errors like "ACL error - insufficient policy engine resources"

the # show qos resources command should give some information about what the maximum ammount should be, i assume they fall under the IDM section? but the result is kinda confusing. over similar switches i see different maximum values.

how can i determine what a switch should be able to handle here?

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Re: maximum number of dynamic ACLs on a switch



The number of ACLs supported by the 2530 series switches are listed in Chapter 13 of the Management and Configuration Guide for YA/YB.16.03 (page 245); for quick reference, here are the noted IPv4 ACL limits:


  • 2048 named ACLs (both standard and extended)
  • 99 numbered standard ACLs
  • 100 numbered extended ACLs
  • 3072 combined ACEs in all ACLs

For monitoring available ACL resources, you also have the show access-list resources command, which may prove useful in troubleshooting resource availability on the switch.



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Re: maximum number of dynamic ACLs on a switch

thank you Matthew, a couple of questions


that seems a general ArubaOS switch document, there are no specific platform limits?


the document has a )1 behind the ACL section on page 245, but on the next page there is no information about 1, is this the same for you? what should it say?

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