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trunk aruba 2920 2530

Dear community, I am trying to connect a 2920 switch with a 2530 as my client requires the network extending to another area of the building. The 2920 is providing lite layer 3 services (DHCP) and routing between VLANS and out to the WWW.

On the 2920 I have designated port 47 as the uplink port for the 2530 to connect to port 10 of the 2530.

GVRP is enabled on both switches and the VLANS on the 2920 are propagating through to the 2530 as when I run the "show VLAN" command they all appear albeit labelled GVRP_xx. However I am unable to add any ports to the learned VLANs on the 2530 as I get the message when I try to add the port to the VLAN at the CLI.. “Dynamic VLAN 10 cannot be configured manually” (for example when I want to add a port to VLAN10).

The learned VLANS also do not appear within the menu context either under VLAN Port assignment menu.

I have tried configuring the uplink ports as a trunk / LACP and still no joy.

Evidently the switches are communicating however I cannot ping between the switches despite allocating an IP in the same range. Please any help appreciated. I assume I must be missing something very obvious here



Re: trunk aruba 2920 2530

Hi Edgeway, 


Try the command "static-vlan vlan <VLAN ID>". That should allow you to assign ports to the VLAN.


You can perhaps find more info starting on page 38 of the Advanced Traffic Management Guide here:





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Re: trunk aruba 2920 2530

Hey Justin, That worked a treat thanks for your guidance. I had a couple of other issus that I had overlooked aswell. Everything is up and running now. Thanks for your help.

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