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205H Wired port troubleshooting commands

I'm trying to sort some issues with wired clients plugged into my AP-205Hs. Wondering if there are useful CLI commands on the controller to give insight into where packets are stopping.


So far I have:


show ap wired stats ap-name <name> which shows all the MAC addresses connected, their ports and VLAN tags, and bytes/packets transmitted and received


show ap port status ap-name <name> which shows if each port is up or down, the ports own MAC, and its bridge mode.


Also show ap debug system-status ap-name <name> which says lots of stuff I don't understand, but has a useful "Secure Jack Status" list and POE info, as well as a "Interface Information" table with traffic and error counts for all ports.


Are there other commands that could be useful?


Also, in the debug system-status output, port "br0" has lots of drops. Is that perhaps a Bad Thing, or normal?


Thanks for any clues.


(I have a TAC case open for the particular issue we are having, but hoping I might shed some light by looking around in the controller.)


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