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2x2 mimo vs 3x3 mimo

Okay i would like to know this time about the AP selection


I have done some reading and as far i see if you got an AP like 135 with mimo 3x3:2  and you got a bunch of clients with 1x1 or 2x2 which are most tablets and blackberries and a few laptops  they wont actually take advantage of it.


Now i read somewhere else that i you got a 3x3 antenna and 2x2 antena and if  you have a lot of packet loss and interference on your network (ie: Going through multiple sets of walls) it is highly likely that one particular frequency may yield a correct data stream thus limiting the number of retransmits. In this case 3x3 would perform better than a 2x2 now i would like know if this is only true if i got a 3x3 client?


Im just trying to clear up  my thoughs hopefully someone can help me



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Re: 2x2 mimo vs 3x3 mimo

Honestly, you will only notice the difference between a 2x2 and a 3x3 mimo environment when most of your clients support 3x3.  Co-channel interference and contention will limit the throughput on most networks unless you can match your clients to the capabilities of your access points.  You should deploy 3x3 access points because that is the best available and if you do not control your population, there will be more and more of those clients and you want to be prepared for them.  You should also deploy 3x3 if you know you will not be replacing your access points for years and you want to be sure that it will gracefully be able to support the latest and the greatest.  


At this time 802.11ac is not even a standard and it will take awhile for clients to come out that support that standard, much less REAL backhaul on most networks that can support over 1 gig of throughput.


Again, most mobile devices have applications running on them that have been optimized to be in such an environment that has alot of contention and loss and they are designed to use lower bandwidth and deal with disconnect fairly well.  The most expensive solution is not always the best, but at minimum, a dual band solution will offer you the best bang for the buck.




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Re: 2x2 mimo vs 3x3 mimo

thank you very much collin for your words they are really helpful like always! ill keep in the reading to try understandingmore wireless networks
thanks again!
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Re: 2x2 mimo vs 3x3 mimo

i just wanted to point out that AP-135 is 3x3:3

that is it supports 3x spatial streams not 2 as mentioned in the first post.

Re: 2x2 mimo vs 3x3 mimo

Thanks for the correction.

Should have read the data sheet before posting that... though it was just 2 spartial streams...




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
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