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3 Controller Redundancy

Hi There, first time poster.


We are looking to get 3 3600 controllers for 5 sites and are looking to set up n+1 redundancy.  I have read a decent amount from the guides but have only gotten jelly brain from all of the new information.   What would be the best way to set this up?  Someone said to use VRRP to all of them, but as far as I can find you can only use VRRP on 2 devices not 3.


We have approximately 200 APs so 2 3600 boxes would support 256 APs and we would have 1 on standby in the event that the other 2 went down.


Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.


Thank you,



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Re: 3 Controller Redundancy

Please refer to the Campus VRD chapter5 on redundancy available at :
In short: 

Local1 --- Master --- Local2


Local1 - Master for VRRP 1 instance VIP1 -

Local2 - Master for VRRP 2 instance VIP2 -


100 APs terminating on Local1 
100 APs terminating on Local2


2 AP groups:

AP group1: local1

AP system profile - local1-sys-prof


Backup LMS IP - Master controller IP 


AP group2: local2

AP system profile - local2-sys-prof


Backup LMS IP - Master controller IP 


Hope that helps!




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Re: 3 Controller Redundancy

Thanks this does help!


I have set up two of the controllers to be local with one as master.


I created 2 new AP groups, and modified the LMS IP and backup.


I have added 2 entries for the virtual router table on each local controller.  I have not added anything to the master.   I have staggered the priority of the virtual router entries.  ID 1 on controller 1 is 110, ID 1 on controller 2 is 100, etc.


Am I on the right track here?


Also, how do I provision the APs to the local controllers?  I currently have aruba-master in DNS set to the IP of the master.  Do I need to change that?

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Re: 3 Controller Redundancy

Yes. You are on the right track. 


The DNS is properly set to the IP address of the master controller. The APs will come up on the master controller in "default" group as unprovisioned and you can manually provision them into their respective groups from the master controller. 


On the web UI

Configuration -> AP Installation -> Mark the checkbox of the APs to be provisioned -> Click Provision -> Select the AP Group from dropdown -> Hit Apply and Reboot. 



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