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300 Series Access Point Antenna Cable

Need an extension cable (min 25ft) for ARUBA INDOOR/OUTDOOR OMNI ANTENNA AP-ANT-19 (for Aruba 300 series access point).


Does anyone know which kind I should get? 


And is it an rp-sma male to rp-sma female or


rp-sma female to rp-tnc male cable?


Please include a link to recommended cable/adapter/connector.


Thank you! 

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Re: 300 Series Access Point Antenna Cable

Extending antenna cables is not recommended, especially not for distances like this. as it introduces loss and additional points of failure at the connectors.

If you can extend the UTP ethernet cable, and keep the antenna cables short, that is preferred. Also, if you are mounting outdoors, use outdoor APs instead of an indoor AP with outdoor antennas whenever you can. Outdoor APs will result in better performance with fewer parts (cheaper to mount, more reliable).


For the AP-304, you will need 3 ANT-19's, so 3 times mounting and 3 times extension cable.


Please consult your Aruba partner or Aruba SE for advice.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: 300 Series Access Point Antenna Cable

25ft of LMR is pretty far, adds a ton of loss to what is already a lower power AP (11ac 2x2 indoor connectorized AP). In addition, to minimize loss, you need to use a smaller LMR jumper for strain relief, which adds more connector pairs and adds more loss. Herman is 100% correct, either extend the AP closer to the antennas, or if the antennas are outdoors, you would want to use an outdoor AP. 


Some examples:

LMR-195 12" Jumper =  ~1dB

LMR-200 @ 25ft = ~7.5dB loss

LMR-400 @ 25ft = ~3.5dB


At 25ft, you are likely better to use the jumper on each end + LMR400, but again, that will be a 6dB loss *at best*. Additionally, using the connectorized AP-304 means a 0.8dB additional loss in 2.4Ghz and 1.6dB in 5Ghz. 


Also remember you need 3 of these 25ft cables plus the jumpers. 3 jumpers at $15 each and three LMR400 cables for about $50 each means you're going to spend $200 plust the antennas, all the additional labor, the added risk of bad cable install or errors, etc, just to extend the antennas for a $695 AP. 


When you compare that, a 6dB loss is SIGNIFICANT and will result in ~25% of the coverage area (1/2 the distance in X+Y=1/4 total coverage area) of the same AP from an AP-305 installed in the same area. Using the AP-365 would be significantly better in terms of performance, cost to install, etc, etc. 


But if you're going to do it anyway, just be aware of the above performance impacts. If you wonder why you can't get long distance coverage, or performance is poor, that is why. 


Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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