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3400 controller real world limit?

Hi guys


Just wanting some input.. we run 3400 controller with 50 ap's, serving around 800 devices.


The system is working fine in general, using captive portal authenticaion from the controller etc.


Just wondering if we need to upgrade the controller for better performace, or should I say, if we upgraded the controller to say 7400 or something, would I see any performance benefit from the users point of view?


currently the system only shows about 20mb free of physical memory, and the cpu usage is usually under 10%.  cpu seems pretty lightly loaded according to that, but the memory is maxed out.


I know in the spec sheets of 3400 controller states that it can handle far more users than what we have, but wondering if our controller is actually physically challenged to provide better user experience compared to say 7200 controller.  better overall throughput?

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Re: 3400 controller real world limit?

You should upgrade if:


- You want to use the features in ArubaOS 6.5 and above (release notes attached)

- You want to "push" more thatn 4gb of traffic through the box

- You have or plan to have 802.11ac, which could possibly get you close to the 4gb limit (the 3000 series can only port channel 4 gigabit interfaces)


Numerically, you do not have more than 80% of the 64 APs on the box, so you are not oversubscribed.  The 3000 series controllers have been end of saled http://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/support/EOS_Notice_3000_Series_Controllers.pdf and do not support ArubaOS 6.5

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